Geshe Lobsang Choegyal Rinpoche in Rijeka, Croatia

Join Geshe Lobsang Choegyal Rinpoche’s teaching “Happy Life” in February 2020. in Rijeka, Croatia – Waiting list ONLY

There are more than 7 billion human beings in the world. None of those human beings wants to be sad, depressed, or suffer in any way. All human beings, as well as all living beings want to be happy and healthy.

Despite that aspiration, most of the people are not reaching that goal. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression and other mental conditions are on the rise globally. It is estimated that in 2020. depression will be the second leading cause of work disability. Depression and other types of mental sufferings are not things because if it were we could get rid of it. Happiness is not the thing also, because if it were we could buy it or acquire it. Since unhappy and happy mental states are not the things there is only one other option – they are products of different causes and conditions.

Luckily, we humans possess intelect which can be used to analyze the causes of different mental states. Once we investigate the causes of various mental states we can learn to reduce negative states of mind and familiarize with the causes of happiness. 

The benefit of the mind training based on logic and reason is that it makes impossible for mental misery to manifest.

  • Happy life is magnificent achievement.
  • Every magnificent achievement is preceeded by right knowledge and wisdom.
  • Fastest way to gain wisdom is through mentor or teacher – someone who has walked the path.
  • Teachers of wisdom of happy life are very rare to find in today’s world, which makes them very precious.

Geshe Lobsang Choegyal Rinpoche is one of those rare masters. He is an authentic teacher of Buddhist science of mind, logic, debate, and meditation.

In February 2020., Geshe Lobsang Choegyal Rinpoche will visit Rijeka, Croatia and teach for eight days a training called “Happy Life”. This will be Rinpoche’s first visit to Europe and an unique opportunity to learn about the science of mind based on the Tibetan Buddhist teachings.

Geshe Lobsang Choegyal Rinpoche is a buddhist monk, ordained in Tibetan tradition. He is a student of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Geshe – prestigious and rare academic degree received after successful completion of 16-year Buddhist philosophy studies at the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics in Dharamsala, India. Geshe degree is the equivalent of the Ph. D. or Doctorat in Philosophy.
Lobsang Choegyal – His name.
Rinpoche – honorific title which translated to English means “precious jewel”. Besides vast intellectual knowledge, Rinpoche’s are recognized as beings who have high levels of spiritual realizations which they use with altruistic intention for the benefit of others.

Geshe Lobsang Choegyal Rinpoche lives and teaches in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala in the Himalayan region of North India.

Listen to the audio track which Rinpoche recorded on January 4 2020. in Bodh Gaya. The intention of this audio is presenting His style of teaching and the introduction to the workshop “Happy Life” in February 2020. in Rijeka, Croatia. Rinpoche talks in Tibetan language with the translation in English by Ben Shvartz.

Listen to the audio with the introduction to the teaching “Happy Life” in Rijeka:


Tibetan Buddhist teachings are divided in the three parts: science of mind, philosophical tenets, and religious practices.

With the “Happy Life” teachings, Rinpoche will present the science of mind, and partly philosophical tenets, not the religious practices, which means all people are welcome irrespective of their religious beliefs and practices or the lack thereof.

Time: 7. – 14. February 2020.

Friday, 7.2.: 5 pm do 8 pm
Saturday, 8.2.: 9 am do 5 pm (with breaks, including lunch break)
Sunday, 9.2.: 10 am do 7 pm (with breaks, including lunch break)
Monday 10.2. do Friday 14.2.: 5 pm do 8 pm

If you are not from Rijeka, or you are busy during the week, it is possible to attend the teachings only during the weekend.

Intention of “Happy Life” teachings: Whatever stage you are at in your life journey, join us to get personal and practical experience of Tibetan wisdom of happy life – view from the Himalayas, in Rijeka, Croatia. It is possible because you will meet an authentic Tibetan lama, scholar, teacher, and meditation master Geshe Lobsang Choegyal Rinpoche.

Price: Since ancient times, the spirit of generosity and giving has been the essence of all true spiritual teachings, especially when given by a highly esteemed teacher like Geshe Lobsang Choegyal Rinpoche.

Rinpoche comes with the wish to bring 100% benefit and 0% trouble to anybody he meets.

“Happy life” will be conducted in the spirit of open inquiry about mind and it is relevant for those of any spiritual tradition or none. Everybody with sincere motivation is welcome.

Therefore “Happy Life” is not a commercial good and attendance is not conditioned by payment.

Since Rinpoche and his translator come from Himalayas and there are travel and staying expenses to cover, as well as the venue where we will have the teachings, and if you have a good motivation to financially support this event, you are welcome.

If you ask for it, the details about the payment will be sent to you once you register. But please bear in mind it is not obligatory and it will not be announced who paid or did not pay.

The only responsibility you have if you apply for the teachings is to come on time with open mind.

Techings will be available in Tibetan language with English language translation.

Workshop “Happy life” is full. You can apply for “Waiting list” only at: