Communication Model for Healthcare Professionals

Everybody wants to be healthy and experience well-being. Nobody wants to be unwell, sick or ill. That aspiration is the same for health professionals as well as ordinary people. With regard to avoiding sickness and being healthy, we’re all the same. 

Further, we don’t know the time when we’ll get unwell, sick or ill, but that time will come. When that time comes, we all want to see a doctor or a health professional. And the first thing the doctor is going to do will be conducting an interview. History-taking part of the patient interview influences most of the diagnostic decisions.

Our intention with the following presentation is to make sure you get simple and most up to date understanding of verbal and nonverbal communication for healthcare professionals. (Click on the picture and start the presentation)

The way a healthcare professional communicates with patient does not influence the patient only. It influences patient’s family members and friends also. If we take this logic one step further, the way healthcare professionals communicate with patients, influences the whole society.

That is a worthwhile goal.

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Who is N2SED trainer?

Igor Mošič, mag.oec. and NLP Master practitioner and an International New Code NLP Coach.He is an author of the book: “Beyond Wants – Stress-Relief Mind Training” and a developer of Neuroplasticity Activation Modeling (NAM) technology of emotional hygiene.